• Groelândia | Corporate building


Our teams are used to the rigorous works schedules, meeting the established deadlines by means of management tools and careful works planning.



From rigorous projects analyses and the local conditions, we carefully prepare our budgets and develop a work planning, always keeping in mind unexpected events in each step, which results in a more accurate and efficient execution. 



Each client is entitled an exclusive service, where specialized professionals follow closely the work, which results in fast, efficient and highly reliable actions.


Active since 1995, Brandão & Marmo Engenharia e Construções has been working in different segments of Civil Construction, always satisfying our clients expectations on the execution of works and reforms which demand for speed, quality and personalized service.

An important differential of our company is our own civil labor force, which enables us develop our work taking fast decisions and always having the full command of the teams, which ensures the quality of our services and of the finishing in our works.


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Construção Mercado | Brandão & Marmo
Floor slab with zero cost falls 55 %

Survey was conducted by builder Brandão & Marmo in hotel project in the city of São Paulo.

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Revista Monolito | Brandão & Marmo
Works made for Tryptique

Works conducted by Brandão & Marmo are featured in Monolith magazine dedicated to Triptyque architecture firm.

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Revista Arquitetura e Construção | Brandão & Marmo
8th Award “The Best of Architecture “

Piratininga Associated Architects receives the “Best Architecture 2015 ” award in the category Retrofit / Restore , by retrofit Juquehy Beach Hotel.

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Flagship Faria Lima Agency

Work conducted by Brandão & Marmo, the Citibank branch in Faria Lima receives certification LEED GOLD category.

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Concept – store

Brandão & Marmo builds for the world’s first concept – store for TOG mark (Phillippe Starck + Triptyque).

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Prédio Comercial

Groelândia, the work delivered by Brandão & Marmo with Tryptique architecture, is a building with commercial space that defies gravity.

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